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Kalam TV Series 2 is Out!!

Kalam TV Australian youth Arabic show exploring the Arab world!

The current format of the show has a different theme each episode (such as Arabic traditions, food, sport etc) where its split into regular categories consisting of an exploring the Arab world segment, vox pops, guest interviews, mini-docos, Arabic lifestyle segment and Arabic trivia.

The exploring the Arab world segment consists of interviewing a person from one of the 22 countries of the Arab league and getting them to bring in some objects from that country which they can explain and show to the audience. We take a look at countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Egypt to name a few.

The vox pops segment is where TV reporters go into the street or to a particular location where they ask the same question to random people. The topic is usually related to Arabic culture and is a fun, exciting and unpredictable way of finding out what people’s opinions are. You will be surprised by what some people say!

The Arabic trivia segment consists of one of the hosts asking the same contestants questions about the Arab world in a game show format. When the player answers it right, they are given points each episode, with the winner taking home the gold medal in the final episode.

The guest interviews occur where the hosts interview a person usually related to the theme of the show. So far we have interviewed an Arabic calligrapher, journalist, youth Arab president and refugee worker. The mini-docos also relate to the theme of the show and look a bit further into particular issues. Where as the Arabic lifestyle segment is a random segment that looks at various aspects of the Arab lifestyle including performance, food, clothing etc.

Overall Kalam TV is a television show that gives you an insight into the Arabic-Australian youth culture like never before. It will also open your eyes to one of the most talked about regions in the world, where you will discover the incredible hospitality, friendliness and contribution of the Arabic-speaking people.

Brought to you by the Victorian Arabic Social Services (VASS)

Click on the below link to see the trailer for Kalam TV Series 2