Special Projects

No excuse for family violence: Funded by the Attorney General Department

No excuse for family violence project commenced in 2008 and was finalized in February 2010 and ran throughout the Northern, South East and Western regions of Melbourne. The project raised awareness of what constitutes violence in Australia, and the way it is understood and dealt with, created understanding about the services available for families in times of crisis, increased awareness of ‘risk factors’ that lead to violence, and the negative consequences of domestic violence within intimate relationships. This was achieved through a range of activities that included certified training, information sessions and workshops, counseling and case work and community support groups.

Cross Cultural Training

VASS provides cross-cultural training to mainstream service providers, local governments and to groups from other ethnic communities. Training raises awareness and understanding of the Arabic Speaking Background communities, their diversity and cultural practices. Training also gives participants an opportunity to explore issues of concern, acknowledge barriers and generate open discussions through specific case studies. The sessions provide valuable information on the sociocultural characteristics of the Arabic Speaking Background communities. Feedback from participants have been very positive indicating that the training has been greatly appreciated and valued by the participants. The sessions have aided participants in gaining a greater understanding of clients who come from a migrant/refugee background and awareness of religious influence in shaping the attitudes of these communities.


VASS works closely with the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV). VASS has qualified mediators representing the diversity of the Arabic Speaking Background communities. These mediators are available to mediate any conflict within the ASB and mainstream communities for free. Types of conflicts range from neighborhood mediation to family and school mediation and a range of community issues.