Family Services

Family Services

Family Services

The Victorian Arabic Social Services (VASS) Family Services consists of intake, assessment and referral services, family counselling, family strengthening projects, parent information sessions and family support groups and playgroups. VASS has Family Services at its locations in Broadmeadows and Dandenong offices.

VASS Family Services deliver a variety of activities to support families including: counselling and therapeutic sessions, advocacy, family counselling and support group sessions involving family strengthening projects, parent information sessions, parenting skills training and playgroups.

Early intervention, prevention and education are the focal point of Family Services at VASS. VASS works with parents in order to address their children’s needs, safety and the transition from childhood to adolescence.

This service aims to meet the needs of the Arabic Speaking Background (ASB) families through ongoing counselling and case management, information provisions, access to social support and referral to local services based on a formal intake process and assessment of needs. The ASB communities face a number of issues such as unemployment, settlement issues, mental and psychological health concerns, social isolation, cultural and linguistic barriers and lack of access to services. Families also face family-specific issues such as family violence, parenting issues including parenting in a new culture, intergenerational conflict and cultural clashes. VASS aims to address these issues through social support groups, short and long term case work, culturally sensitive approaches to service provision and appropriate referrals.

All VASS workers have Police and Working With Children checks and the Family Support program caters to a range of issues with families, especially in ASB speaking communities. The roles of the Arabic Families Services Coordinator are, but not limited to:

  • Case management of Families, including counselling and advocacy
  • Coordinate the intake and referral of ASB families and individuals
  • Network with stakeholders in support of ASB families
  • Provision of workshops and forums addressing topics of importance to this target group and including participation from representative of other relevant

The Parenting Information sessions aim to empower parents with knowledge in a range of topics, as well as providing a source of social support and connections between parents, and creating increased understanding between ASB parents and mainstream service providers. The sessions are often facilitated by professionals from external services, such as Maternal Child Health professionals, and cover a range of topics such as adolescent violence, children’s development and mental health, the impact on children of witnessing domestic violence, the Australian legal system, appropriate disciplining and parenting in a new culture, and soothing techniques for infants.

Life Saving Victoria Program

VASS in the South East runs a yearly activity in partnership with Life Saving Victoria. Children and their families learn about water safety on a local beach. Each year 20 children between the ages of 5 and 13 join the program.

VASS South East Intake Session

VASS in the South East has an Intake session on Fridays from 10am -2.00pm, where clients are able to drop in for information and referral services. VASS workers provide on site information and referral services for ASB families relevant to their needs.


All VASS programs and activities are free of charge.

Contact information:

Broadmeadows Area:
Shireen Francis,
Family Services Coordinator,
Phone: 9359 2861
Email: [email protected]

South East Area:
Iman Allaf
Programs Coordinator VASS South East
39 Clow St, Dandenong VIC 3175
Phone: 9767 1995
Fax: 8307 2899                                 
Email: [email protected]