Tax HELP Program

Tax HELP Program

Through the Tax HELP Program assistance has been successfully provided to the ASB Community the ability to understand their obligations in the area of taxation, and the knowledge to complete them. One of the goals emphasised by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is to the ability for taxpayers to understand such obligations and the need for them to discharge them.

As a result, the Tax HELP program provided by VASS through the ATO seeks to educate the community in an end goal that members wishing to complete their own tax obligatiosn can do exactly that through this program and other online services such as E-Tax. These services are free to use and the community are encouraged to take advantage of these services so as to gain an understanding of the often complex tax system in Australia.

Tax HELP is a state-wide program and volunteers are sought and trained by the ATO to assist communities in completing their tax obligations. The program runs over a period of four months, and over the past years it has grown and assisted the ASB community. Today it continues to healthily grow. The program illustrates some of the many drawbacks that the ASB community has faced with language barriers; however it stands as a confirmation of increasingly accessibility to services for such people. VASS and the Tax HELP program continue to overcome the series of set-backs in further helping the ASB community.

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