Win Back Your Life

Win Back Your Life

Gamblers and their Families Support Program 2014 – 2015

Introduction and project Background

Win Back Your Life program will support the development and initiate culturally appropriate activities for isolated and marginalized youth and their families who are problem gamblers or at risk of becoming problem gamblers due to their family and social environments.

Win Back Your Life – VASS will recruit role models and mentors from the social environments of the client group to participate in positive activities with them and act as role models to ensure the long term benefits of the program/ the interventions offered to problem gamblers.

Win Back Your Life – VASS will include training to build the capacity of VASS staff to respond to community problem gambling issues; improved physical, emotional, social and mental health of the target group and increased participation in a locally based and culturally appropriate activities as an attractive alternative options to gambling.

Win Back Your Life – VASS will provide individual level of counselling on financial and emotional counselling and skills to deal better with gambling behaviour and habits including building bridges with specialist services and programs for all family members affected by the gambling behaviours.

Target Group

  • Young people of Arabic speaking backgrounds inclusive of Assyrian, Chaldean, Kurdish, Iranian, Horn of African and Turkish communities
  • Groups who are most at risk at developing problem gambling habits, specifically, the unemployed and underemployed members of all ages from and within the Arabic community in councils of Hume, Moreland, Darebin, Hobson’s Bay, Dandenong and Whittlesea.

Project Management

VASS has the legal responsibility for the project administration and Management.

In addition to being qualified in a range of areas relevant to the project, including psychology, social work and community development, VASS Win Back Your Life counsellors have undertaken project-specific training provided by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation in 2014 and so are highly skilled in this area.

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For more information on or referrals to VASS’ Win Back Your Life project, please contact Reta Ando, Shereen Issa or Kirsten Gordon on (03) 9359 2861, or email [email protected]

Referrals can be made by other services or by individuals themselves. Please download and return the referral form below via email ([email protected]); fax: (03) 9359 2899 or by mail to C1, 1 – 13 The Gateway, Broadmeadows