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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)



Registered NDIS provider

Provider number: 4050023580


What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an insurance-based scheme that invests in participants to improve long-term outcomes.  Funding for supports is determined by the consideration of a person’s individual needs, goals, and aspirations. Participants then choose their supports from the marketplace of providers, and are empowered to pursue their goals and aspirations.

VASS is registered for the NDIS under the group disability program.

NDIS Eligibility at VASS:

  • Under 65 years of age and above 6 years of age
  • Australian Residency
  • Have a Disability


VASS’s NDIS Services

VASS is registered to provide:

  • Group/ Centre Based Participation (Social Group) –a weekly group that develops social supports as well as knowledge and
    skills to build independence
  • Community Participation – individual support to participate in community, social and civic activities
  • Assistance with Personal Activities – such as personal hygiene tasks
  • Household Tasks – such as cleaning and gardening, that are difficult to perform yourself
  • Assist-Life Stage, Transition (Support Coordination) (0106) – assist participants to build and maintain supports.

While VASS provides both Support Coordination and other services, participants are under no obligation to use our other NDIS services if getting Support Coordination, or vice versa. Ask about our Conflict of Interest policy for more details about how VASS protects participants’ rights.



VASS specialises in working with people of Arabic Speaking Backgrounds, including people who are Assyrian/ Chaldean, Farsi and Turkish Speaking.

  • VASS services can be provided in-language for all above languages
  • VASS employs multi-lingual, culturally competent staff
  • VASS uses an empowerment, client centred approach

Referral to VASS

  • Participants can connect with providers through their Local Area Coordinators (LACs)
  • If Support Coordination is included in a participant’s plan, Support Coordinators will work directly with NDIS participants to help identify the most appropriate options and service providers to deliver them
  • You, your Support Coordinator or Plan Manager can use the Provider Finder in the myplace provider portal to search VASS and submit a referral


The VASS NDIS referral form may be accessed by clicking the link below:

NDIS Referral Form


Find out more

Telephone: (03) 9359 2861
Email: [email protected]
Visit the Victorian Arabic Social Services (VASS) at
C1, 1-13 The Gateway Broadmeadows, Vic. 3047